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They loved it.

Let me make a suggestion.

I love you, Leonard.


One of the fan blades broke loose and shattered against the wall.

Izchak sat at his desk with his eyes closed.

The therapist finally got him to open up about what he went through during the war.

Jeffrey died of hypothermia.

I can't come with Elric

He's in his late fifties.

Kenneth asked me if I could do him a favor.

The plot where a group of young adults visits some remote area and gets attacked by some type of serial killer has been repeated ad nauseum.

Don't forget to kiss Urs goodbye.


Coffee gives you energy!

Jon didn't do much work today.

He has done this for profit.

He looked at him angrily.

What kind of name is Stephan, anyway?

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Many independent films are made on low budgets.

The baby is growing up.

I wonder where Pim is from.

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Wild weather is forecast for our region today.

You probably agree with Sandeep, don't you?

She locked herself in the bathroom and howled.


He is not so tall.

George asked me where my car was parked.

Suyog realized that it would be better if he left right away.

Sociability is as much a law of nature as mutual struggle.

Claudia was seated at a table by the sidewalk.

Let's go there.

I need this more than you.

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We all jumped into the water at the same time.

Don't look at me!

That's exactly how it happened three years ago.


The doctor must be sent for at once.


Shouldn't we ask him first?

That's pretty easy to fix.

We may ask you to provide your personal information.

Time to begin.

She's beautiful, isn't she?

I'm going to stay for another day or two.

It's been a while since I've eaten cottage cheese.

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You've made me angry.

He is so strong as to lift it.

Pamela didn't get his driver's license until he was twenty-four.

You'd better get down here.

Louise got a parking ticket yesterday afternoon.

You send us letters.

What time did the meeting end?

Bruce has rabbits.

This clock gains one minute a day.

It was too late for the party.

I was extremely nervous.

How long was I out?

You write like a panty!

I make it a rule never to eat between meals.

That's what we did after lunch.

Of course that's the way it is!

You hit me, which results in my pain.

Can you tell us a little about Niall?

Was Vinod here when we got here?


I recently learned about what Delbert did.


"Why are you lying to me?" "I'm not lying."

Are you prejudiced?

What's keeping Micheal?


That's not going to help.

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Ramsey should know better than to lend you money.

I think that's undeniable.

Japan consumes a lot of paper.


Merat is working on the car.

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They all posed for a picture.

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She wants to see what kind of student you have been in these years.

Many bees died during the winter.

We have our lives to live.


It was not until a few days later that the news arrived.

I want to buy that.

A coconut is not a nut.


You're just doing your job.

I very rarely eat meat.

She's working a case of her own.

They can handle it.

It doesn't seem so bad.


The gang is all here.

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Isn't there something you could do?

I don't want to offend them.

I answer for his honesty, for I know him well.


I don't think that's necessary yet.


Someday you'll meet someone else.


Hungarian is my native language.

I was going to wait till Raul got here.

I've subscribed to the service, but I still haven't utilized it with anyone.


It happened right here.

These grapes are ripe.

I won't let you down.

Sophie was so hungry that she ate everything that she could get her hands on.

She always gets her own way.


The motorcycle crashed into a car.

We would like to stay here tonight.

I saw Joyce yesterday in a restaurant. He was talking to a girl.


That's Ruth's watch.


Sean said he has to go to school tomorrow.


Lynnette was still asleep when I left the house this morning.

We're neighbors.

He is my closest friend; we are like brothers.

It is unavoidable that the fighting will intensify.

He put his affairs in order.

Which is longer, the Shinano River or the Agano River?

I kind of miss him.

We do need you.

The defendant stays in custody.

These are beautiful horses.

I can't keep pace with your plan.


Why don't we go together?

I want a single room if possible.

We need to make a good first impression.

His new book received accolades from the magazines.

The refrigerator is open.

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He has a high batting average.

I hope we can be good friends.

I've known him since college.

Marla has lost control.

Don't tell anyone I'm here.

He's an excellent brain surgeon.

Why would anyone kidnap Tharen?

I owe him for this.

Don't let Glen get away.

My wife buys vegetables from a supermarket nearby.

He forgot to come to see me yesterday.

We had a record crop this year.

Do you know if he is available? I need to know in order to make an appointment with him.

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The days after that flew past.

Do you know for sure that these are real diamonds?

You've made your position clear.


Is this your first time in Boston?


Everyone knows what's going on.

We can't find them.

She soon adjusted to his way of life.

Tell her the problem is solved.

Let's do more.

The thieves entered by the window.

Floria said he had somewhere to go.

From the menu-bar's "Reply" select "create follow-up message". The message you reply to is quoted.

Kirk is unusual.

I want to wait another week.

Jordan definitely does that.

You aren't afraid of dying, are you?

I'm afraid I wouldn't be very good company.

Our plan has gone askew.

There is no sugar left in the pot.


What a great dinner!

You're going to have to come with us, Gordon.

Anna decided not to swim.

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Look up to the sky. You'll never find rainbows if you're looking down.


I'd like three pounds of chicken.

You are always to knock before you come into my room.

He doesn't come to school often.

A bride is a woman with a fine prospect of happiness behind her.

I'll get you some brandy.

'What is that?' asked Tony.

I didn't know what it was.


It is important for English learners to remember the distinction between 'fun' and 'funny'.

The cat is twenty days old.

It's useless. Don't harp on it any longer.